Hi, I'm Kim!

Get certified by the pros! With over 20 years experience and having a business that's serviced over 500,000 people, Kim can teach you how to be successful in your future as an esthetician.

I started my journey in this industry when I was fourteen and living at home in Germany. Trade school education in Europe is treated with much more weight than the little education we all receive here in the states. I attended school for three years in Germany to become licensed to work with people towards their esthetic goals. While in school, I worked at luxury makeup counters and I continued after graduation until I couldn’t take it anymore. In 2002 I took the plunge and flew to the United States to follow my dream of opening my own spa....

Talk about a culture shock – I didn’t know the language, the social norms – nothing. Despite me being completely out of my comfort zone, I didn’t let my fears about being in a foreign country dissuade me from attaining my dream. I attended beauty school in San Diego, and it was the lack of education that first ignited my passion to share what knowledge I had gained from basically attending a beauty university – not a high school – with the people around me.

Our industry can be really mean and intimidating. I’ve worked at the Hotel Del, a few privately-owned spas, and I even tried booth renting. It’s unfortunate that many people who are willing to hire you are also out to prevent you from growing past a certain point. That is not and has never been my belief. I wanted to give my knowledge to my employers on how to make the most out of their business, but I was met with attitude at every turn. No one wants to be verbally ridiculed or berated for their ideas, which only fueled my passion more to get my own spa up and running, so I could build the best team and teach everything I know to anyone who wants to learn more.

In 2009 I opened EnviouSkin with the last pennies I had in my bank account. I wouldn’t give in to failure – it just wasn’t an option. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “you attract what you present to the world”. In little time, I attracted a base clientele and was able to add to my team. After a few years and through a lot of trial and error, I found a team to help support me and my dream.

I invite all licensed professionals and those still in school to take a course by me – it gives me great joy to give all that I know to you. Friendly reminder – I’m German, which means I don’t sugar-coat anything and I don’t have time for messing around. My classes are meant to give you maximum knowledge with the short amount of time we have together. Previously certified students are always welcome to sit in to classes, and I also offer shadowing opportunities so you can see exactly how I work with my clients.

Tamara's Sugaring Certification

$699 + cost of kit

Time Frame: One day | 8 hours
Head to toe sugaring (brazilians excepted) through the exceptional Tamara’s curriculum. Small class size so you can get more one-on-one time. Customized success kit must be purchased through Tamara’s Sugaring. Your kit will not be used during training; all supplies will be provided by EnviouSkin. Purchase your kit here and sign up for the class here.

EnviouSkin Brazilian Certification


Time Frame: One day | 6 hours
Course on female Brazilian sugaring. Must be certified with sugaring prior to participation, preferably by Tamara’s. Success kit not required to purchase. Must have taken the Tamara's Sugaring Certification or be able to provide another certification to take this course. Sign up for this course!


All classes are non-refundable and dates cannot be rescheduled. EnviouSkin understands that emergency circumstances happen, and we will do our best to try to work with getting you into another course.  Plan to be present for the class for which you sign up, as last-minute cancellations or reschedules may forfeit the time.